Overview of TLO's coaching services


These days, given all the surprising discoveries, radical disruptions, and new truths that the 21st Century is bring into our lives, there are serious reasons why each of us would be better off if we knew how to improve the skills we have, develop new ones that we never thought we’d need, and retool outdated beliefs that we never knew we had. Most importantly, there are serious reasons why we should learn how to rebuild the basic architecture of our homespun, school- and community-bread worldviews.

Learning how to accomplish these three tasks takes time. Time to explore, to think through, to practice, practice and then practice some more. It also takes the support of a trusted coach and thought partner, someone who can guide you through all the tipping points you’ll encounter during your learning-journeys. Regardless of whether you want to improve an existing skill, develop a new one, or successfully reframe an old belief into a new mode of thinking, all your learning journeys will follow a path that’s marked by risk, loss, and vulnerability. Which is why these days, all of us all of the time, need a coach and a thought partner to support and encourage our learning efforts.

TLO’s Guidance & Support

At Transformational Learning Opportunities, we offer the kind of light-handed coaching that help you learn how to design and launch your own learning efforts. Whether you’re a private individual, a coach/consultant, or a senior executive, we support your learning through the use of our new Front-End / Back-End Learning Model. Most importantly, we show you how to create new knowledge, improve existing skills, master new skills, and develop more sophisticated modes of thinking, feeling, and acting. To do this, we offer you learning partnerships that are tailored to you and your unique style of learning.

If you need to strengthen specific skills, click the “TLO’s Coaching Services” button below. If you’re interested in strengthening your overall learning abilities, click the “TLO’s Learning-to-Learn Services” button. Finally, if you’re interested in either strengthening your complex thinking and problem solving capabilities, or reframing your outdated beliefs and mindsets, click the “TLO’s Developmental Coaching” button below to learn more about the support and guidance we offer in this arena.