Overview of TLO's coaching services

Tailor-Made personal Learning programs

Improving existing skills, learning new skills, or reframing outdated beliefs into a new mindset takes time. Time to explore, to think through, to practice, practice and then practice some more. It also takes the support of a trusted thought partner, someone who can guide and encourage you through critical learning journey moments. Regardless of whether you're improving an existing skill, developing a new one, or successfully reframing an old belief into a new mode of thinking, the learning journeys you launch will nearly always follow a path marked by risk, loss, and vulnerability.

At Transformational Learning Opportunities, we design unique personal learning programs for individuals, coaches, consultants, and senior executives. We design these learning experiments in ways that that provide are simultaneously supportive, encouraging and challenging: Thought partnerships that utilize the phases of experiential and transformative learning to help you improve your existing skills, master complex new skills, and most importantly develop new, more sophisticated modes of thinking, feeling, and acting. Using our new Front-End -- Back-End Learning Equation, we offer you a learning partnership that moves through three distinct phases; Introductory Conversations, Educational Dialogues, and an extensive variety of Self-Directed Learning Experiments.  

To learn more about how we tailor our learning partnerships to address your specific needs and interests, select the alternative below that best suits you.will