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The fact that you're here, reading this page, suggests that you're at least curious about the unprecedented challenges, threats, and opportunities that the 21st Century is bringing into our lives. Maybe you're a person who's busy with their lives, but nonetheless unsettled by all the unprecedented conflict swirling around us. Maybe you're a coach or consultant who's aware of all the disruptive trends alive in the world, and want to reshape the way you're thinking about these threats into a new framework that's more useful for your clients. Or, perhaps you're a senior executive who's acutely aware of these disruptive technological inventions, polarizing political dynamics, and anxiety-laden conflicts, and consequently have no choice but to look for more effective ways of responding to them. Whatever's prompted you, I'm glad you're here. 

Across 2019, TLO will be sponsoring a few Dialogue Sessions --  each titled Comprehending the 21st Century -- that will be designed to give those who participate the opportunity to explore and discuss at least four key issues; 

Essentially, 2019’s dialogue sessions will be, for those who design and participate in them, an opportunity to explore our worries, face up to our back-of-mind anxieties, take a direct look at practical ways each of us can strengthen our our awarenesses of those challenges and threats that matter most, and finally, the unique steps each of us could take should we decide that being consciously proactive is the right course of action. Each dialogue session will be an opportunity to expand our meaning-making abilities in ways that will make our lives more relevant and responsive. Learn more about these 2019 Dialogue Sessions: Explore the blue navigation buttons highlighted just above, and then sign up below for information about our next Comprehending the 21st Century Dialogue Session.