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These days, the term "21st-century learning" is most often used to describe the core competencies such as collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, and digital literacy that adults need to have mastered if they want to live successful, meaningful lives in today's astoundingly complex world. Here at TLO, we believe this assertion is premature, actually a 20th century bromide proscribed for a new world that is just beginning to take shape. In a broader sense, however, the idea of what learning in the 21st century should look like is open to interpretation—and controversy.

For decades an explosion of innovation has been transforming how we think about learning and how we organize talent and resources for learning experiences and has effectively unbundled “school” as we knew it. The tightly bound relationships and resource flows that used todeliver instruction, develop curriculum, perform assessment, grant credentials, and provideprofessional development are dissolving. Teaching and learning have become uncoupled from traditional educational institutions and are now available through and enhanced by avibrant learning ecosystem.

Across industries and institutions, the digital explosion has caused a similar breakdown
of traditional assumptions, models, and relationships. It has also created unexpected possibilities for those willing to experiment with the novel recombination of resources, talent, and technology. For example, cities struggling to do more with less have been reorganizing to systematically take advantage of citizen contributions. Publishers faced with declining revenue models have been restructuring to leverage tablet computing and social media applications. U.S. board-certified doctors have been reorganizing resources so as tobe available to patients 24/7 via mobile communications and video conferencing in order toimprove access to healthcare.

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