Here's TLO’s best take on the eight key elements that an organization must radically alter if it wants to successfully transform itself and its operations:  

1. The Organization's "Organizing Principle" is the fundamental presupposition from which its senior leaders derive their organization’s strategic imperatives.

2. The Organization's "Business Model" is the tool senior leaders typically use to amplify their company's organizing principle into an appropriate business strategy, relevant operating principles, and essential performance obligations.

3. The Organization's "Modes and Methods of Coordination" are the structures, systems, roles, and policies used by the company's executives, managers, and supervisors to control and orchestrate their organization’s performance.

4. The Organization's "Means of Production" are the various business processes the organization uses to create products and services.

5. The Organization's "Competency Platforms" are the knowledge bases, technologies, and essential skill sets that the organization uses in combination to realize and develop its core competencies. 

6. The Organization's "Demographic Structure" are those sets of professional employees a company needs to produce its goods and services.

7. The Organization's "Culture" is that set of identities, stories, values, and symbols used to define systemic ethos and fundamental purposes.

8. The Organization's Partnership Networks" are the linkages a company uses to tie itself to its suppliers, customers, competitors, and regulators.

At this point, our hypothesis here is that, to bring about a full-scale organizational transformation, each one of these eight elements must be revolutionized.  Change leaders can start with any one of the eight. But, no matter which one you choose, starting with any one very quickly leads you to the need to substantially alter the remaining seven. We don’t have the experience to prove this, but we believe that eventually radically changing any one of the eight pivotal elements identified just above will force you to change all eight. Any one element that remains unchanged or is not in the process of being transformed becomes a heavy anchor to the organization's overall transformation effort.