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Learning To Live In An Unscripted World

More often than we’d like, these days many of us are unexpectedly encountering tough breaks, difficult choices, and frustrating predicaments. Surprisingly, these difficulties are showing up in our lives because we’re unwittingly holding onto beliefs, stereotypes, and presuppositions that we first learned in our family of origin. When we were young, these beliefs systems served us well. But now — as adults in the adult world — they no longer offer us truths that we can rely on. Particularly if, as adults, we want to be satisfied, appreciated, and effective. 

These days, it’s also true that we’re suffering some tough breaks and encountering some difficult choices and frustrating predicaments because this new century of ours is pushing into our lives surprising discoveries, radical disruptions, and new truths that, when they actually touch our lives, confront us with startling, incomprehensible challenges. Fact is, if only because of their complexity, these discoveries, disruptions, and new truths are presenting us with challenges that we’ve never seen before, challenges that are tough to deal with precisely because we’re unwittingly embedded in our old family-of-origin ways of thinking. Which means that, even though we may not know it, we’re trying to live our lives through old, outdated schema, maps, and scripts. We’re trying to respond to a world full of new challenges that we’re not yet capable of dealing with effectively. 

TLO’s Developmental Coaching Partnership


TLO's answer for this situation is our new Developmental Coaching Program. This program is designed for those individuals who are ready to invest some serious time and energy in learning how to live in an unscripted world. It’s for those who are ready to set aside their moments of willful ignorance, face up to the confusions hanging off the edges of their consciousness, and create for themselves a new worldview. In these 1 : 1 developmental partnerships, we work together to create a realistic understanding of the complexities that are challenging you, and to develop the kinds of conscious transformation that today’s new complexities require. Side by side, in 4 month increments, we work together to discover your old outdated family-of-origin belief systems, your instinctive threat responses, and your embedded biases and stereotypes. We work to improve the ways that you’ve come to know what you know. Most importantly, we support you in creating new sense-making and meaning-making skillsets, thereby positioning you with the new more inclusive and expansive perspectives, resources, and skills that you need to thrive in the years ahead. 

We do this through an experience-based learning program that has three interrelated phases: Exploratory Conversations, Conceptual Development Sessions, and experience- based Skill Development Experiments. If you're looking for a developmental coaching partnership that will help you better understand your toughest challenges, work through your outdated mindsets and belief systems, discover new meaning-making patterns, and guide you into discovering the 21st Century’s new worldview and its associated mindsets and skillsets, I'd be honored to partner with you.