It's clear that our lives, at least occasionally, deal us tough breaks, impossible choices, and frustrating predicaments. Even though it's barely a decade and a half old, this new century of ours is already pushing into our lives its share of new discoveries and radical disruptions that are adding startling, often incomprehensible challenges and opportunities to the mix. Phenomena that, if only because of their complexity, are confronting us with the kinds of disruptive challenges we've never seen before. All too often, the kinds of challenges that we’re not yet capable of dealing with effectively.

TLO's answer for all these threats and challenges — and the personal and professional difficulties they’re creating — is our Developmental Coaching Program. This program is an opportunity we offer those of you who are ready to invest serious time and energy into addressing your own version of these challenges and opportunities. In our developmental coaching partnerships, we work with you to create personalized, long-lasting transformations. Side by side, over the course of 6 to 12 months, we support you in discovering your old, outdated family-of-origin mindsets and belief systems, energizing your truest intentions, and positioning you with new perspectives, resources, and skills. Always in ways that allow you to respond more effectively to all the unique unscripted challenges and opportunities that these days are coming your way. 

If you're looking for a coaching partnership that will help you better understand today’s toughest challenges, work through outdated assumptions, beliefs, and mindsets that are holding you back, or guide your discovery of new more responsive 21st Century skillsets, I'd be honored to partner with you..