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Learning To Live In An Unscripted World

These days, too many of us are struggling because this new 21st Century of ours is pushing into our lives surprising discoveries, radical disruptions, and new truths. Truths that, when we run up against them, are confronting us with startling, sometimes incomprehensible choices. If only because of their complexity, these new phenomena are presenting us with choices we’ve never experienced before. Choices that are tough to deal with precisely because we’re still seeing the world through our old family-of-origin’s ways of thinking. We’re responding to a world full of new choices with outdated schema, maps, and scripts that aren’t capable of guiding and supporting us in useful ways. This mismatch between the choices our old beliefs create for us and the more expansive set of choices that the world is offering is what’s plaguing us the most. 

TLO’s Developmental Coaching programs

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TLO's answer for this ‘mismatch’ are three new Developmental Coaching Programs: — Developmental Dialogues, Developmental Launch Programs, and our full-fledged Developmental Coaching Programs.

These three new programs are designed for those who are interested in discovering something about the learning journeys they need to launch. Developmental Dialogues are conversations that are designed to explore with you what, in this regard, is possible. Developmental Launch Programs are for those who want to understand the nature of and the demands involved in real transformational learning efforts. Developmental Coaching Programs are for those who know they want to actually unearth the mindsets and modes of thinking that are mismatched with the complex new demands they’re seeing in their lives. In descending order, each of the following three programs is more comprehensive and complete than the one that precedes it:

Developmental Dialogues:- This program is a series of three to six one hour conversations. In these dialogues, we work together to map the breadth and depth of the challenges and opportunities you’re facing. During this effort, we produce a Personal Development Map that describes for you the learning opportunities that are both fundamental and essential for your personal and professional growth.

Developmental Launch Programs:- This program is either a one day workshop or a short series of three to six conversations. In each we do four things: (1) Map your developmental challenges and opportunities; (2) Describe the particular learning skills you need to develop to complete your transformational efforts, (3) Examine the kinds of real-world learning experiments you’ll need to launch if you’re going to improve existing skills, develop new ones, and/or develop new mindsets and modes of thinking; and (4) Produce your Personal Growth Map, which describes the specific developmental efforts you’ll need to pursue if you want to create results that are essential to your personal and professional development.

Developmental Coaching Programs:- This is a full-fledged developmental coaching effort. As such, it includes all the work done in our Developmental Dialogues and Launch Programs, and incorporates the self-directed learning experiments you’ll need to actually realize your key growth and development priorities. Each Developmental Coaching Program is jointly designed to help you actually develop the new mindsets, modes of thinking and feeling, and the associated skillsets that will allow you accomplish your particular developmental goals. With this in mind, we work side by side in 6 month increments to discover your old outdated family-of-origin belief systems, your instinctive threat responses, and your embedded biases and stereotypes, in order to replace this old architecture with the new worldview, mindsets, and modes of thinking you’re looking to develop

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In each of these three programs, we work together to create a realistic understanding of both the complexities that are challenging you and the kinds of conscious transformations that these new complexities are asking of you. Side by side, in a Dialogue Session, a Launch Program, or a Developmental Coaching Program, we work together to discover your old outdated family-of-origin belief systems, your instinctive threat responses, and the ways that you come to know what you know about the difficult and challenging situations you’re finding yourself in. Most importantly, we support you in creating the new meaning-making skillsets that are key to your growth and development. Overall, the whole point of this work is to position you with the new more inclusive and expansive perspectives, resources, and skills so you can thrive in the years ahead. 

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