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Learning To Live In An Unscripted World

These days, many of us are searching for ways to respond more effectively to the surprising discoveries, radical disruptions, and new truths that the 21st Century is pushing into our lives. We’re casting about for answers to the complex new issues that just recently have started to complicate our daily lives. Challenges like massive immigration problems, intractable ethnic conflicts, and catastrophic weather events, all of which are confronting us with startling, often incomprehensible choices.

Here at TLO, I believe we’re struggling with all this because most of us are trying to use beliefs, life-scripts, and behavioral routines that we learned sitting in our mom’s lap and standing by our dad’s side. If, for a moment, we stopped to think about the beliefs and values we learned from our parents, we’d realize that, quite possibly, we are using old, outmoded family scripts and routines in our efforts to respond to these new 21st Century challenges. This mismatch — the one between the choices our old belief systems are leading us to and the more complicated and intractable set of choices that our new world is asking us to consider — is bringing new questions into our lives. Questions like “Where do we turn when the world no longer works the way we thought it did?” and “What do we do when the old rules no longer apply?”

TLO’s Developmental Coaching services

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TLO's answer for this ‘mismatch’ are three new TLO Coaching Programs: — Developmental Dialogues, Developmental Launch Programs, and our Developmental Coaching Programs. These three programs are choices that are designed for those who are either curious about, interested in, or committed to discovering how to live happily and effectively in what, at this point in time, is truly an unscripted world. In descending order, each of these programs are for the curious, the interested, and the committed. Each program is more comprehensive and complete than the one that precedes it:

Developmental Dialogues is a series of three one hour conversations. It’s designed to identify the aspects of your old worldview and its associated beliefs that aren’t sophisticated enough for today’s complexities. In these dialogues, we work with you to identify and describe the problematic aspects of your current modes of thinking. When completed, our dialogues produce a Personal Worldview and Mindset Map that describes for you the basic outlines of your current worldview and the developmental challenges that are essential for you, given you want to develop a view of the world that matches its current complexities. In addition, these dialogues are designed to satisfy your curiosity about what the 21st Century’s new worldview looks like, and what learning journeys you will need to launch in order to develop the new worldview and mindsets that are called for.

Developmental Launch Programs is either a one day workshop or a series of four dialogues spread out over a seven week period. This launch program is designed for those who are interested in developing a deeper understanding of the demands involved in transforming their orders of consciousness. In either the one day or the four dialogue series, we do four things: (1) Map, in developmental terms, your worldview and mindset challenges and opportunities; (2) Describe the particular learning skills you need to develop to complete your transformational efforts, (3) Examine the kinds of real-world learning experiments you’ll need to launch if you’re going to develop and strengthen your mindsets and modes of thinking; and (4) Produce a Personal Growth Map, which describes the specific developmental efforts you’ll need to pursue if you want to create results that are essential to your personal and professional development.

Developmental Coaching Programs is a full-fledged developmental coaching effort. It’s designed for those who know they want to discover the pieces and parts of their own mindsets that are mismatched with the complex new demands they’re seeing in their lives. As such, it includes all the work done in our Developmental Dialogues and Launch Programs, and also incorporates the self-directed learning experiments you’ll need to actually realize your key growth and development priorities. Each Developmental Coaching Program is jointly designed to help you actually develop the new mindsets, modes of thinking and feeling, and the associated skillsets that will allow you accomplish your particular developmental goals. With this in mind, we work side by side in 6 month increments to discover your old outdated family-of-origin belief systems, your instinctive threat responses, and your embedded biases and stereotypes, in order to replace this old architecture with the new worldview, mindsets, and modes of thinking you’re looking to develop

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In each of these programs, we work together with your to create a realistic understanding of the complexities that are challenging you and the kinds of conscious transformations that these new complexities are asking of you. Side by side, whether we’re in a Dialogue Session, a Launch Program, or a Developmental Coaching Program, we work with you to discover your old outdated family-of-origin belief systems, your instinctive threat responses, and the ways in which you come to know what you know about the difficult and challenging situations you’re finding yourself in. Most importantly, we support you in creating the new meaning-making mindsets and skillsets that are key to your growth and development.

Here at TLO, we know better than most just how challenging this kind of learning is. Our own experience has show us that the kinds of learning we’re describing is always challenging, and that it always takes time. Time to explore, to think through, to practice, practice and then practice some more. It also takes the support of a trusted coach and thought partner, someone who can guide you through all the tipping points you’ll encounter during your learning-journeys. Regardless of whether you want to improve an existing skill, develop a new one, or successfully reframe an old belief into a new mode of thinking, all your learning journeys will follow a path that’s marked by risk, loss, and vulnerability. Which is why these days, all of us all of the time, need a coach / thought partner to support and encourage our learning efforts. And resources that support the kinds of learning journeys we decide to launch for ourselves.

In addition to our developmental coaching and learning services, we also have developed two “Front-End” educational resources for you that, either with us or own your own, you can use to further your personal learning efforts. The first front-end resource we’ve developed is the TLO Learning Center. In it, you will find resources that describe and define what ‘Front-End’ and ‘Back-End’ learning is and involves. Here you can develop a solid understanding of what your new 21st Century learning journeys should include. The second front-end resources we’ve developed is the TLO Transformational Resource Center, which describes and defines what personal transformation is all about and what it will require from you.

Here’s where you can find TLO’s Learning Center. And here’s where you can find TLO’s Transformational Resource Center. Take some time and explore the kinds of information and insights that are available at these two sites. Overall, the point of these two new front-end learning resources, and our back-end coaching services is to position you with the new more inclusive and expansive perspectives, resources, and skills you need to thrive in the years ahead. Just below is a link to details about our fees. And a link that lets me know you’d like to schedule a free exploratory conversation to talk about your needs and interests. Take the step…