TLO Approach:
Transformational Learning

Alongside today’s best business thinkers – scholars like Ronald Heifetz, David Snowden, and Herbert Simon – we believe there are important distinctions to be made between the kinds of operational problems senior executives are dealing with every day, and the kinds of intractable transformational challenges with which they’re just now beginning to struggle.

Understandably, most senior leaders are more comfortable resolving operational problems, since these are the issues that respond to the technical solutions with which they’re familiar. The adaptive challenges that today’s executives are just now beginning to struggle with are much messier and perverse, since they arise out of the kinds of indecipherable problems that can only be resolved by newer, more complex ways of defining and interpreting today’s convoluted processes of change.  

Transformational Learning is the one framework that’s specifically designed to help us cope with the adaptive challenges this century’s new realities are bringing into our lives. TLO’s approach to Transformational Learning is based on extensive research into all aspects of this new development thinking. Most importantly, it’s built to fit your unique concerns and issues, especially the complex problems that are yours alone.

If you would like to know more about Transformational Learning in general, or our approach in particular, take a look at the thought papers attached below.