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Have you noticed?

The 21st Century’s barely two decades old, but already it’s clear that this century is going to be one unlike any other. Full of wonderful discoveries and new opportunities. And, at the same time, a century that is and will be marked by radical changes and scary new challenges. Across the world, we’re in the midst of a momentous transformation, an open-ended period in time during which the entire world will be making the shift from an industrial to an information society. This transformation isn’t and won’t be easy, and it won’t be quick. It will be the challenge of our lifetime.

For most of us, this transformation will be "unchartered waters." A step into an unscripted adventure that is, and will be, full of extraordinary opportunities and magnificent challenges. The phenomena that are driving this transformation -- trends like globalization, multi-ethnic conflicts, and radically accelerating technological advances -- are already pushing into our lives new knowledge and discoveries that simultaneously are both amazing and incomprehensible. In the face of all this radical, 21st Century newness, it’s obvious that none of us quite yet really know how to respond.

bold adventures & brilliant explorations

I started Transformational Learning Opportunities because I wanted a place where I could learn how to respond to the 21st Century’s new opportunities and challenges. A place where I could come to understand its best insights, inventions, and advances. I believe we can all benefit from these new discoveries and advances. But only if we know what to pay attention to. Only if we also know how to translate our new knowledge into productive ways of thinking, feeling and acting. Only if we’re brave enough to actually want to transform ourselves. And, even then, we’ll all benefit from this century’s newest insights only when we feel safe enough to experiment with learning how to learn while swimming in the uncharted waters this century’s new discoveries and insights are creating.

If you’re looking for short, snappy solutions to today’s toughest personal and professional problems, what I offer here at Transformational Learning won’t be your cup of tea. Learning to thrive in today’s uncharted waters requires curiosity, courage, and grit. And some deeply personal aspirations. Today, there are no simple answers, no easy pathways, no quick learning journeys. Learning what needs to be learned means none of us can sit back and hold onto old outdated 20th Century modes of thinking. If you’re up for a tough but exhilarating learning journey, welcome to Transformational Learning Opportunities! If you're looking for a place from which you can launch your own bold adventures and brilliant explorations, you’ve found it.