Welcome to Transformative Learning

The 21st Century is barely two decades old and already it's clear that it’s going to be a century like none other. Full of wonderful discoveries and inspiring opportunities. At the same time, it’s also going to be a century marked by radical changes and scary new threats. Our transition from an industrial to an information society won’t be easy.

For all of us, this new century is going to be an "unscripted adventure." It’s newest phenomena -- trends like globalization, multi-ethnic conflicts, and radically accelerating technological advances -- are already pushing new knowledge and discoveries into our lives that are simultaneously amazing and incomprehensible. Bringing us the kind of tumult that, alongside our ordinary everyday concerns, is going to be tough to live with.

I started Transformational Learning Opportunities because I believe the scientists, and entrepreneurs who are creating this century’s newest insights, inventions and advances will continue doing what they’ve been doing. You and I can benefit from their work, if we know what to pay attention to. And if we know how to learn from it. Going forward, it’s clear none of us can afford to continue living alone in the echo chambers of our own outdated reasoning.